Monday 8 April 2013

Interlocking Rings

I am still getting it wrong. I have to try again but I did get the interlocking rings in a chain. I hope that is correct. Perhaps the thread gap is too long.


  1. These little beasts are driving me mad!
    Fox : 0

  2. At least you are trying!! :)
    I like the colors on top-they make me think of roses. :)

  3. Very glad you're giving these a try! I'm going to do a supplement with some photos that may help clear up some issues for everyone.

    In your top photo, the three rings in the center look like you're on the right track. You might try a 12-12 ring, as a bigger ring might help give you more room for six rings to be formed in a tight circle. The straight-line rings are interesting! However, you shouldn't have any gap when working them in a tight circle.

  4. Well done on trying them, you are getting there, they are not easy, Jon has a great diagram on her blog which I found easy to follow.

  5. Thank you all for your encouraging comments and tips. I will try it again.