Friday 18 May 2012

Take Turns Merging

This would be common sense even without such signs. Apparently common courtesy goes out the window, when it gets too crowded or when you are always in a hurry or . . . . it never existed . . .sense and courtesy.


  1. Something happens to people when they get behind the wheel of a car. They often get much more aggressive than they would be in a face to face meeting. Some strange quirk of human nature I guess!

  2. It seems to have taken constuction companies or state officials (here in the USA) a long time to finally put up the 'merge point' signs, allowing everyone to be in TWO lanes (moving slowly) right up TO the merge point. There were always drivers who thought that everyone should stay in a SINGLE lane for miles BEFORE the merge point, and they positioned their vehicle in the middle of two lanes so no one could get past them! Even though it obviously still takes time to merge from two lanes, at least you felt closer to the merge point!

    I'm curious what prompted this post!!

  3. What prompted this post? I saw this sign recently and always wondered why there wasn't a sign like this, then drivers would have to comply.