Wednesday 9 May 2012

Kreuzmotive WIP - 3rd Repeat

I think I am getting the rhythm of this but it does take time to tat. Some days, I have to consciously stop myself from tatting, as nothing else will get done.

On another note, we have been waiting for good weather for this, for weeks. It is something that can only be done when all these conditions are met:
it is a weekend;
it is sunny and not cloudy or raining;
when both/all 3 of us are available;
when we feel up to it;
when the floor is vacuumed;

Shhh . . . . . Tsuru is getting a bath. Hopefully this weekend.


  1. Gian has put in an emergency call to the Feline Intervention Unit....
    Fox : 0

  2. I don't get anything done today, and I can't stop me today, because my doily has to get ready for birthday present.And I have to tat at daylight awake to prepare the last sequence of my Iris doily, join where a join needs to be on the unregular way of an Iris doily:-))
    Hope you have fun at the catbath-party ;-))
    Can imagine how much work these chains after chains are, but...keep on going, you will be admired by us all, for sure! And its looking great, never would have thought that...

  3. Yes I know the weather and the brightness of the day can affect us tatting, I won't do black at night, I just need very good light to see the stitches now.

    Hope he enjoys his bath!!!!!!!!