Saturday 5 May 2012

Kreuzmotive WIP - 2nd Repeat Completed

The pink repeat is done and connected to 1st repeat. This Kreuzmotive pattern is from Ruth Scharf's Neue Blatter book. Can you guess what the third repeat would look like? I have not connected the pink petal to the grey petal yet. I want to see if I can leave it as is. The pattern has a small ring connecting the petals.


  1. They look so pretty!! You've done a really great job. Your colors go together so well too.

  2. Just look at you go!

    I love this. I think I must order yet another tatting book, thanks to this magnificent effort from your talented shuttles!
    Fox : ))

  3. Will it be purple leaves, a pink center, and gray outside flowers?
    I really like how this looks!
    The leaves still look like cat ears to me though ;o)

  4. purple petals, pink center and grey flowers.
    your Kreuzmotive is looking very elegant.
    I wonder why they don't connect the petals to each other without the small ring in between?

  5. It's looks lovely but I am not sure which way you will go, I was wondering if you are going to make the middle petals in alternative colours of gray and pink and the outside flowers alternative pink and gray .

    I look forward to see what you do. Whatever you do it will look lovely


  6. You do have a talent for putting colors together. Your tatting is beautiful! Thanks for sharing your ideas with us. I always check out your blog daily as I have learned so much from you and reading it.

  7. Soo beautful! I'll go with Jess's suggestion of color, but repeat from the first is also possible. Both will be possible and wonderful looking. Admire your ability to that those leaves on and on:))