Tuesday 8 May 2012

Renewal Heart and Starlit Shuttle

This is the renewal heart pattern from Karey Solomon in her book 'Hearts Belong to Tatting' tatted in Milford Satin Perle No. 5 in Ombre Red. I think the colour of this thread runs. I noticed some colour on the blocking mat. I like the shape of this heart and the pattern was easy and fast to tat. Good distraction in between the Kreuzmotive.

As for the Starlit shuttle. It was easier to handle compared to the Tatsy shuttle. Not much problem except that you need to adapt to the size, much like when you tat with Size 20 thread and in the next instance tat with Size 80 thread. I think it is great for holding large amount of thread or beads. In this case, the thread I used was comparable in scale to the shuttle and the tip actually helped me unpick the stitches, but would be totally useless for unpicking when tatting with Size 20 or smaller.


  1. Useful comparison, umintsuru. Pretty thread. Myself, I find it a very clunky shuttle, but yours seems to produce very beautiful tatting!

    I must try that heart; it’s a pretty one I have not tatted, and I do love Karey’s patterns.
    Fox : )

  2. Lovely heart, love the colour, pity it runs