Wednesday 2 November 2011

Thewa from Rajasthan


After watching 'Oh My Gold', I remembered this set of necklace and earrings which I got a few years back.

This is called Thewa involving gold, silver, glass and intricate craftsmanship. The picture of peacocks is etched on a paper thin sheet of gold and dipped in acid to reveal the lovely picture. A piece of glass is fused with the gold sheet and a coloured thin silver foil is placed in the background. I have not worn them yet but I will soon. I chose this red set but I remember there were various colours available too e.g. black, blue and green. This traditional jewellery technique is from the Sonis family in Rajasthan.

It came in this lovely box which in itself a work of art too. I think the picture is made with coloured glass dust.


  1. This jewellery looks heavy to wear but so lovely and the pattern work must have taken hours to do. I hope to see a picture of you wearing them.
    Thank you for showing such beautiful items

  2. Lovely jewelry! I hadn't noticed the peacock design until you mentioned it. Purple, Red and Gold are lovely colors for the Fall season, but I think these beauties would be stunning worn any time of year.

  3. Oh Wendy your set of jewelery is truly very very beautiful. Lovely Lovely Lovely. Hugs Judy

  4. Thewa jewelry is very old art form of Rajasthan. The Glass fused with the Gold foil converts into a very beautiful form of jewelry known as Thewa art.Thewa art lovers are spread from Rajsthan to the whole world.Sirjana Signature Jewelery