Wednesday 30 November 2011

Christmas 2011 Snowflake #46

One more from Susanne Rolf. This is also from her Mustersammlung book on page 34. I really enjoyed tatting this. It was done in 2 rounds and the small rings are all the same size. I think it is a pretty pattern. In Size 40 threads, I used up 3m per shuttle for round 1; 5m for Shuttle 1 and 3m for Shuttle 2 in round 2.


  1. I love tatted stars and snowflakes and this is an especially beautiful example.

  2. This would frame a very small image too, on a card or even as a tree ornament.

  3. Thank you Petra!! This is such a sweet star/snowflake.

    Gina, yes it would!! I love the shape of it.

  4. Ah, your tatting is perfection! Look at those rings that all are the same size!
    Fox : O

  5. Hope you are feeling better, Fox. There is a picot that is out of place. Can you spot it?