Thursday 10 November 2011

Happy Bookmark

Another pattern by Martha Ess. I used Lizbeth 40 #136 Autumn Spice and #138 Leafy Greens. I made 10 repeats using 3m on each shuttle. Row 1 was quite fiddly as the thin threads were turning and swirling so when you add Row 2, you have to be careful when you join to the picots making sure that it is not twisted. Perhaps using Size 20 threads will not be so cumbersome. It looks very unusual and quite pretty. It measures about 4.5 inches excluding the tail.


  1. Aren't these bookmarks fun to make? Whimsical comes to mind!

  2. Beautiful. Especially in this colour-way.
    Fox :

  3. Beautiful. It's swinging. And the colours are beautiful.

  4. Oh, I must get this book! I love the smiles in this bookmark!

  5. I really like how well those colors combine and make that great bookmark! :)

  6. Martha certainly is coming up with new and innovative designs, and your precise tatting shows them off to perfection! Thanks for working so hard to show us the possibilities!

    And this is a beautiful thread choice!
    I've lost track of Lizbeth's colors - not to mention all HDTs!

  7. Beautiful bookmark, lovely colour thread,

  8. Thank you all for the lovely comments. I really enjoyed reading them.

    Miranda, Smiles!! I was wondering why it was called Happy.

    Petra saw it swinging. Cool!

    I think this is masculine enough for a guy gift too.

    Martha is a genius.