Monday 7 November 2011

Chinese Tea?

Tea for one? No, this is soup for one. The tiny teacup holds just enough for one mouthful. It is a different way to serve soup. Just make sure the ingredients, once cooked, fits the mouth of the teapot. This soup is called Kungfu soup. It was made with chicken and herbs. I hate drinking hot steaming soup that burns your tougue. This allows you to pour out one cup, use your chopsticks to pick something else up and it is cool enough not to burn your tougue. The rest of the soup is kept warm in the teapot. Once you finish the soup, remove the teapot lid and eat the chicken, or not. As in most Chinese soups, the meat used would be tasteless once all its goodness is in the liquid.


  1. An interesting second use for the small teapots too. I have some with the handle-less cup like this.

  2. What a delightful way to serve soup!