Monday 11 January 2010

Spinning Wheel Glass Mat

This is MK#7. This pattern is lovely however, it is easy to make a mistake. Top is made using the GT thread in orange and below is done in Lizbeth #40 in Jewels. Again in different coloured threads the pattern appears different. Can you spot a mistake in one of them?


  1. Beautiful! This is my all-time-favorite pattern! I'm sure I could find the mistake if I chose to look, but why look? They're so very pretty!

  2. I like the orange and I agree although they are the same pattern they do look different. Great job!!!!

  3. the spinning wheel mat is one of my fav patterns and i've made quite a few in variegated threads. yours are well tatted. interesting to see a single coloured one... :)

  4. Diane, that is so sweet.

    Thanks Margaretha and Val. I think the design of the spinning wheel is best appreciated when tatted in one colour.