Friday, 15 January 2010

Posy MK#9

Posy is such an appropriate name. I love how this turned out. Done in Lizbeth Springtime Size 40. This is another pattern done in all rings. The next pattern I will try is Masquerade. I hope it will be done in time for the Chinese Lunar New Year which also falls on Valentine's Day this year. Enjoy this photo.


  1. Your Posy motif turned out beautifully -- so delicate and neat. Love this in Lizbeth Springtime, size 40!

    Does it work up quickly?

    I have added this to my "must tat" list and have noted that Masquerade is on the list too. Have you tried Doretha's Teardrop Edging yet?
    (It is a Georgia Seitz pattern.)

  2. This is really beautiful. I just read that Mary Konior has passwd away and then I next saw this on your blog.

    It is so wonderful that there are so many of us to carry her tatting patterns on into the future. It is a lovely legacy.
    Fox : )

  3. I just heard of Mary's passing from Sue Hanson's announcement on the Palmetto's Newsletter. It is sad.

  4. Hi Isdihara,
    Yes, Springtime is a lovely colour and this pattern tats up fast too. I am currently tatting the Masquerade.

    Thank you, I will look up Georgia's pattern called Doretha's Teardrop Edging.

  5. This thread really tats up well. And what better than a Mary Konior pattern. A beautiful legacy.