Sunday 10 January 2010

Quilting in progress

Okay I started machine quilting the lovers knot quilt this weekend. I have never done this before and manouvering the quilt under the arm of the sewing machine is tedious. I hope it gets easier when I get to the periphery of the quilt. I added a maroon flowery fabric as border and a light denim as backing. I now wished I bought a slightly heavier fabric as backing. It seems to be puckering as I quilt even with a walking foot.

I am just wondering if it would be possible to quilt without batting? Has anyone done this before?


  1. You can "tie" a quilt instead of stitching it. You tie knots of heavy thread or yarn appropriately spaced to hold it together. I've never used my sewing machine to do the quilting part. Mine isn't big enough to handle the job but I've hand quilted several. Long and tedious but soothing to the soul in its meditative qualities. Good luck. I think you could google "tied quilts" and find more information there. Spacing is largely based on the types of fabrics used, how much the inner batting might move, etc.

  2. I should add you *COULD* quilt without batting. It won't be as warm. The batting is there to provide another layer of insulation.

  3. Hey Gina,
    Thanks a lot for your replies. Yes I think quilts for use here do not need to provide so much warmth. I think I will try without batting next time. Tying could also be an alternative. I will do a search on that too.