Monday 25 January 2010

Mary Konior roses / bud fragments (MK#10)

Multi coloured roses. Tatted in variegated threads (Size 20) of all colours. A great distraction from my current WIP and TIAS. I wonder if I can remember where I put the small cross stitch frames which I bought. It would look pretty in them. These were all tatted using the Birch shuttle (similar to the Aero shuttle). I could not get use to this shuttle when I first tried it because the hook at the end of the shuttle tend to hook my threads. Last week, I tried tatting with it again and it was good. Just needed to give extra slack to the threads and turn the hook in a particular direction.


  1. Those are just lovely! I know JUST who I'm going to make some of those for! I have a neglected swap/exchange partner (I've been so sick I haven't felt like tatting) and I have received her end of things, but I haven't sent her mine...I think some extra goodies like this are in order. Thanks for inspiring me! :)
    ~TattingChic ♥

  2. "Wow" I am impressed, so glad that the Birch shuttle is working out okay! and the Multi coloured roses are just gorgeous.

  3. these r just so pretty. nice idea for quick gratification.

  4. I just purchased the book with this pattern in it. I am a new tatter so I am hoping you can tell me if you used one shuttle with a ball or two shuttles to do this? Thank you =)

  5. Hi Paula,
    I think you will enjoy this book.

    I used one shuttle with ball thread.

    After you join the first chain to the picot of first ring, you need to turn your work (RW reverse work, in instructions) and continue with the chain (Ch 4 - 10). Hope that helps.

  6. Thanks so much! I will give it another try. I sure do wish that her other books were more easily available! Have a great day =)