Thursday 3 January 2019

Orange Hoya

I bought a cutting of this plant years ago at the Garden show. It was slow growing and never flowered. Then a few months back, I moved it to a shadier part of the balcony and it gave a few flower buds, but dropped without blooming. Then I decided to give it a dose of Epsom salt and this is the result. It could be Hoya lasiantha but I am not certain. Anyway I am happy as most plants I got from the show died on me.


  1. Well done, they are not easy to grow, the Epsom salts certainly did the trick, I am sure your balcony must smell lovely with those flowers out.

  2. anche io ho questa pianta, ma la tua รจ meravigliosa !! complimenti anche per i tuoi lavori in tatting ciao

  3. The flower was worth the wait! this flower is absolutely beautiful!

  4. I have a white hoya which flowers but I cut them off as they are quite fragrant but not in a good way. Do these blossoms smell?

    1. This orange Hoya has a slight fragrance and yes, there are some with a stronger fragrance. Please do not cut the flower head off as new flower buds are formed there.