Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Faith (MK #72 )

If at first you don't succeed,


and try again.

Can you spot the mistakes?

A pattern from page 90 of Mary Konior's book 
titled Tatting with Visual Patterns. 
A very elegant pattern tatted in one round, 
all rings, using one shuttle.
Just need to watch where you join to.
But the third try was a success, after some unpicking.


  1. Somewhat impossible to see the 'errors' - I really can't find them. I did look at the book and I was surprised to see where she begins the pattern. It appears you have the correct numbers of rings (4 inside, 7 outside) and picots. The outer 7 rings are different sizes, but it isn't immediately apparent that on the outside 7 ring group, the center ring is smaller than the two rings flanking it - kind of an optical illusion to create this 'diamond' shape. I'm always amazed at how Mary came up with her designs and concepts! I'm sure correct tension is involved, and you're a master at that! The white one seems to have the perfect tension, although the yellow looks good, too!

  2. You got there, but I can’t see any mistakes on the first two, lovely colour thread.

  3. WEll done! This is one of my favorites. I'm glad you conquered it!