Friday 23 March 2018

Cherry Blossoms at the Flower Dome

I thought the other flowers were more interesting than the cherry blossoms this year but the miniature torii gates and traditional dolls were a nice change. There was also a tea house with the Japanese tea ceremony taking place inside. 


  1. I love the dolls and the beautiful garden with gates ♥️🌿🎎🌿♥️

  2. I love the gardens, they are beautiful, I thought they were real but dolls they are wearing gorgeous outfits.
    I have a torii gate on my game Hayday it's a farming game but you can make up gardens to fit in, to me it was just a gate at the beginning of a path so thank you for telling me it's name.

  3. You are surrounded by so much colorful and beautiful scenery! Again we appreciate seeing these photos!