Tuesday 27 March 2018

Anya WIP2 (LHO3)

It is a good idea to check what you have tatted ever so often. You can then correct a mistake before it gets too monumental. I was about to finish this round when I realised I missed joining to one ring. I spent two hours unpicking for which it only took 15 minutes of tatting to reach back to the same point. Sigh!!

I looked at the pattern correction which Hye-oon mentioned in my previous post. As I had already tatted round 3, I did not want to re-do it. But I thought that the original pattern in the book looks correct and corresponds to the photo in the book. 

Anyway, I decided to keep this in one colour which is tatted in Flora Size 20 #224.


  1. Very striking and beautiful!!! :)

  2. Very nice color🌹 and I like that you timed the untatting time I always thought it was like that but now I know😄

  3. The doily is very pretty! I read somewhere that you can fix a missing join afterwards by inserting a new piece of thread to connect the picots and then hiding the ends as usual. You can try it, it sure is time saving.

  4. You have much more patience than I do! This is lovely so far! Beautiful color!