Tuesday 6 March 2018

Alice Doily Completed (LHO1)

From this view, the cuts and knots where I corrected the mistake are not so obvious. I am glad to finish it. Thanks to all your comments, cheering me on. Otherwise, I might have given up on this.

The pattern is from Lovely Tatting Doilies for Spring and Summer by Lee Hye-Oon on page 61. I used Lizbeth Size 40 threads in Lime Green Medium #677, Sea Island Citrus #161 and Honey Drizzle #180.

Shall we start another? Maybe after I complete the other Lee Hye-Oon pattern Serafina doily I started earlier.


  1. This was well worth the trouble, it is very beautiful and make a smile :)

  2. Lovely, well worth rescuing and finishing!

  3. Gorgeous! I haven't tatted anything from that book yet. I have too many projects going right now, but I certainly appreciate the inspiration!

  4. I am totally blown away by this doily! I couldn't believe my eyes as I scrolled down and saw it in full view. I don't think I could ever handle all those ring-and-chain rounds! But when it's all finished it's a stunner! Great colors! Congratulations for staying with it and introducing us to this talented designer. Of course, your expert tatting is so perfect it's mind-boggling!
    And I always look forward to your posts about so many different things. Always enjoy photos of Tsuru, too.

  5. Beautiful and gorgeous, looks amazing well done, I don't have this book yet it's on my wish list,