Monday 3 October 2016

Tsuru's New Favourite

As you know, our dear Tsuru is very picky about her food. Royal Canin kibble and nothing else.

Well, I tried giving her this and she loved it.
Unfortunately I managed to only buy 2 packets and it is all gone. I don't know how to get more without having to buy an air ticket.

Anyone going to Bangkok Tokyu supermarket at Mah Boon Krung?


  1. What Tsuru wants, then certainly Tsuru must have - so I hope someone will answer your SOS for this special cat food. Of course, you could speak to her about Character training and eating what she is given, but I suspect it may be too late for that.

  2. Sorry I can't make it there today:) poor little kitten what are we to do :) maybe send away, and wait for a delivery 💟

  3. Now thats just about right for any animal, you bring something back for them to make up for being away and then they like it and want more, sorry I can't help you to get more supplies,

  4. Do you have a method of ordering online?, perhaps? My daughter reminds me that most items can be delivered at the click of a mouse. Good luck! As one who also lives with kitties, I know how difficult it is to find 'the one food' they eat and don't have digestive issues with.

  5. Tsuru says thank you for all your comments. She will just have to settle for her Royal Canin kibble.