Thursday 13 October 2016

Pattern #22 WIP

I tatted one of the patterns shown on the cover of my new book by Emiko Kitao titled Tatting Lace - Flower Accessories.

It is not complete yet. These days, my tatting is slow. Will show you more in the next post. On its own, it would make a lovely bookmark, or an insertion.

Looking at it now, a chain to join the top and bottom row would make it look more complete. This was tatted in Lizbeth Size 40 in Seacrest Green Col. 714.


  1. Very pretty, dainty, I was thinking it would make a nice bracelet,

  2. It's pretty, and I like the color!! :)

  3. It's lovely! I like the lace as it aligns with where the rings and chains are. First thing I thought it could be is a bracelet.