Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Tatted Flower

This was found when I was looking for some unfinished edgings. The problem with unfinished projects is that I often do not remember which pattern, thread or colour it was started with. 

Well, since I could not show you what tatting I have done with the JS doily, I had to rummage around to show you my unfinished projects.

I completed this but did not construct the flower. I finally sewed its centre with a Swarovski crystal. It is about 2 inches across. It looks like it was tatted in a Perle cotton with some Delica beads. I have sewn this flower onto a fabric container.


  1. It is a lovely flower. Finding and finishing projects is always fun.

  2. Love this! Glad you found a use for it on the container. Also, it could do double duty as a brooch, to go along with Diane's idea! I see tons of beads on it! Must be gorgeous in person!

  3. I some how missed your beautiful flower and that would be sad this is very beautiful!