Wednesday 31 August 2016

Brain Cactus

I have not had luck with growing cacti or succulents. I tend to kill them off by over watering. Cannot restraint myself from watering them each day and the lack of sun in my balcony does not help either. I would love to grow this. Saw this at the gardens in the flower dome. 

Maureen, I heard you. 
Mammillaria elongata 'Cristata'


  1. What is it's proper name? - because there is someone in my family who would absolutely love this plant - if I can find it for her!

  2. Amazing! Yes, I've killed a lot of cactii and other plants with overwatering too.

  3. Only water once or twice a week and shade does not mater, I have one cactus that sees the sun but I am sure it does not feel it and he's lucky if he gets watered once a week.
    Cactus like to stick their needles in my even throwing them in my direction so I never buy them, mine was a gift amazing he has lasted three years