Thursday 20 November 2014


This peacock pattern is from the Occhi book by Langwieser and Scharowa. I did a lot of unpicking on this one and it took longer than expected. Some tips if you are thinking of tatting this. Follow the diagram and refer to written instructions only for the stitch count. The photo of the tatting in the book did not correspond closely with the diagram. 

Also, the stitch count of the 3rd round of the onion rings should be 4 ds between picots instead of 3. 

Tatted in Lizbeth Size 40 threads in Ocean Turquoise Dark (#657) and Country Side (#117).


  1. Beautiful peacock! You certainly don't give up on challenges! These are great notes to keep in mind. How nice of you to work it out for us!

  2. This does look a little tricky and wonder if I could change it and make a turkey for our Thanksgiving Holiday in the U.S. I do love the colors you picked too.

  3. Lovely Peacock, love your choice of colors.

  4. This is one pattern and the other peacock in the book that I am wanting to tat, I have the thread ready but not started yet, I will keep your instructions in my head when I do it.
    Your choice of colours are lovely. I have the countryside thread ready for the peacock. Now I see how the thread will look. Thank you