Saturday 23 August 2014

Singapore Garden Festival Part 4

When we visited the competition was ongoing so the area was cordoned off. But we did get to see the designers in action and the beautiful arrangements which were already completed.

Can you see the phoenix in the background arrangement?

A Safari Bridal Bouquet
Orchids and pitcher plants

Gloriosa Lilies and Orchids

Just Baby's Breath

Calla Lilies

More Calla lilies

Skylab Terrarium

Orchids at the dome

Cymbidiums for Margaret

More Cymbidiums

A variety of Phalaenopsis


  1. My father used to grow orchids like those - cymbidiums? - lovely to remember him by seeing these beautiful flowers.

  2. what a multitude of amazing displays.

  3. Beautiful flowers! I'm amazed to see Gloriosa lillies. I'd call them Flame Lillies. They grow wild in Zimbabwe and parts of South Africa.