Monday 25 August 2014

Expandable Book Spine

Another Nina Libin design. This time I chose a Flora Size 20 in light orange (Col. 236) and tatted it with some bronze gold beads. This is tatted in two parts, then I added a long rope with pearls at the end to lace it up. 

Nina has 5 book spine patterns in this booklet titled 'Insertions & Book Spines'. I have tatted the first and last in this booklet. I may want to do the second one before I shelf it.


  1. Interesting pattern. Would make a wonderful edging. Can't really visualise a book spine. Can you show us how it works in practice?

  2. Hi Jane,
    I will try and get a photo of how it would be used as a book spine. Might take some time as I do not know when I will make the notebook fabric cover. Maybe I can improvise.