Friday 1 August 2014

Buah Nona

As a child, I loved this fruit Annona squamosa which I could only eat when we visited grandma. She had a tree in her garden. These days, you can easily find them sold in the supermarket when they are in season. 

This particular variety had many seeds and only a thin layer of edible pulp. 


  1. Long ago I lived in the Philippines and as a child I ate a purple pudding that was very purple I never knew what it was and I can recall her making it, could this be the fruit that could have made the pudding?

    1. The edible part of this fruit is white. My guess is that you had a taro pudding?

    2. Thanks, for the information I will look that up :)

  2. I Love this fruit too ! The pulp is just yummy, though the seeds are a bit much ;-))
    However, in India, the fruit skin/peel is green in color, unlike the ones you've photographed. Here's an example :
    It is the Annona reticulata species & we actually call it Custard Apple :-))

    The short season is just round the corner - mid- to late August to about end September/October perhaps.