Thursday 3 April 2014

Jan Stawasz Book 1

With Grace's help, I managed to get this book and collected it from the post office last month. Thank you Grace.

After browsing through, I started this:

If you have the book, you probably can guess which pattern this is. I am only tatting part of the pattern as I want to combine it with something else. I hope it will work out because the scale might be off. We will see.


  1. I do know what you mean on scale and am excited to see what will happen next, sometimes I take care of the scale problem with using a different size thread making the item little smaller or larger or increasing stitches in that order cause the second is harder to do sometimes.

  2. Yes I got mine in January but have not been able to tat anything from it,
    I think I know what you are doing?

  3. Can't wait to see your finished project!! :)