Friday 23 August 2013

Season 5 Dinner Course

1 Otoushi
Slow cooked egg (onsen tamago) with truffle sukiyaki foam, sea grapes and water shield.

You first smell the truffle foam.  It came in a double walled glass cup and you would expect it to be hot. But the first mouthful was a surprise. The egg was cold but runny. Then came the surprising texture and flavour.

2 Sashimi
Three kinds of seasonal fish with pumpkin, red radish and daikon

Love the presentation and the delicate flowers. What I ate were 2 types of fish and scallop. 

3 Grill
Kagoshima Wagyu Beef, Eel Teriyaki, Kyusu Sea Snail, Baby Crab Ginger Myoga, Sweet Potato and Tomato

There was a charcoal grilled foie gras which was not mentioned in the menu and it was delicious. The crab was a surprise. Love the crunch of the shell. Eel was a little fishy for my taste but the beef was the star.

4 Rice & Soup
Deep Fried Sakura Shrimp Rice and Kyushu Aosanori Miso Soup

Someone mentioned sea urchin in the soup but I did not taste it. Shrimp rice was lovely.

5 Dessert
Passion Fruit Creme Brulee

The passion fruit was really sour but the seeds had a nice crunch to it. The burnt sugar wafer added a nice flavour. The serving cup reminded me of a Thai crockery.