Saturday 31 August 2013

Malaysia's 56th

In June we visited Bukit Tinggi which is about 1 hr from Kuala Lumpur. Temperatures there are a few degrees lower but not as cool as Genting Highlands. This was what greeted us at the entrance of the hotel resort. These horses must be a gift from the Selangor Turf Club. 

The top photo has Malaysia's national flag and the lower photo has batik incorporated with the rest of the flag. Today is also Malaysia's National Day - 56 years of independence. 


  1. WOW that Artistic horse is truly a work of art. Love It... Hugs Judy

  2. I was at the Merdeka Stadium for the Independence Celebrations - I remember it vividly!

  3. I love that horse too, Judy.

    Maureen, how cool!

  4. Brilliant horses, love the art work on them,
    Happy Independence Day.