Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Mary Konior Tatting Book Collection Complete

Finally I got this hardcover book after months of searching for it. It completes the collection. Did Mary Konior publish 4 tatting books? Otherwise I have to change the blog post title.

This is also the first Mary Konior tatting book I refered to when I borrowed it from the National Library years back. That book was a softcover and it was so well used, I was afraid it would lose some pages. This one I have is of course second hand but it is in very good condition and looks almost brand new. I was so delighted to get it from Barter Books, UK and I received excellent sales service too. Thank you, Nicola.


  1. Aaahhh - you are so lucky! I've looked for this book as I have the other two, but it was rare and out of my budget when I did find it.

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  2. Congrats! There are lovely patterns in each of Mary's books - she was brilliant. I wish I'd been tatting for much longer than I have because by the time I came to tatting all her books were out of print and hard to find. And they are very expensive. Mary Konior published four tatting books: Tatting in Lace (1988), Tatting with Visual Patterns (2002), Pattern Book of Tatting (1985) and Tatting Patterns (1990). There was also a booklet published in conjunction with the National Federation of Women's Institutes but I've never seen that one or heard of anyone who has it.

  3. Congrats! I have this book and I love it!

    There are four books out there and one that Teresa has mentioned has been referred to at InTatters, but I have never seen a photo of it.

    Apparently, there is not much in it that has not been covered by the first three... I do recall that someone who had purchased it was quite disappointed with the contents.
    Fox : )

  4. Thank you Teresa and Fox for that clarification. There are 4 books and 1 booklet from Mary Konior.

    Cindy, I know what you mean. I certainly waited a while to get the last book.

  5. I remember when I finally ended up with all 4 that it seemed they were very similar and I was a little disappointed - BUT, I've used every single one of them more than once and often over and over so I don't know what I was thinking then! I don't know of any other tatting author whom I've wanted every single book they wrote.

  6. There's a little Learn to Tat pamphlet - I'm sure I have it in my tatting cupboard. But no more books.

  7. SCORE!
    Congratulations to you! I would love to find all four books...I've not started that pursuit yet...But, I'm sure it's not too far away.

  8. Congratulations, I got this book when it first came out all those years ago and I love the book, I now have all four and they wont be going anywhere.

  9. Oops, I accidentally deleted Margaret's comment. That explains the previous post!