Tuesday 17 January 2012

Flower Medallions

I have been tatting these flower medallions in between other tatting projects. I am using Lizbeth 40 in various colours. Perhaps it will keep me wondering how each colour would turn out. That way I would get less bored. Anyway it is quite fast to tat. Two medallions can be made in one night's sitting of TV, if I devote myself to tatting and not surf the web looking for jewellery. I have been looking to replace my broken ring.


  1. Sweet medallions! I love the colors!!! :)

  2. These are great. I would love to give em a try :)

  3. That has taken a while! The ring, I mean...

    These pinks and reds are so pretty, especially in this motif.

    First thing that I notice is that your picots look plumper than your normally blocked ones!

    Fox ; )

  4. They are beautiful and lovely colours.

  5. Nice. Can't wait to see what you do with them:)