Thursday 26 January 2012

Anne Bruvold's Chinese Dragon

In all, I tatted 3 Chinese dragons from Anne's pattern which can be found here.

Dragon #1 was posted a few days ago and was tatted in Lizbeth Size 40 #147 Red Burst and I used a Swarovski crystal for the sun.

Dragon #2 was used as a Chinese New Year e-card sent to family and friends. This one was tatted in Altin Basak Size 50 - #2328 (red with gold strand) and #2347 (gold with gold strand) for the sun.

Dragon #3 was tatted using Lizbeth Size 20 #611 Gold and Flora Size 20 #244 Charcoal for a black pearl.

They all seem slightly different with its own personality.


  1. Wow! Love these dragons, just in time for the Dragon year :) May I know how many balls of thread needed to tat one dragon ? Would like to 'test' my patience tatting one of them :)

  2. Hi Jeanie, Good question!! It's about 15m per shuttle for Lizbeth 40. Shuttle 2 needs slightly less but no harm winding 15m on each shuttle. Hope you have fun.

  3. What a lot of work! Each is a wonderful creation and worth the time.

  4. Wonderful personality in that second dragon! What a lovely display!
    Fox : )