Monday, 8 August 2011

New Tatting Book

I decided to get Helma Siepmann's book. It will be sometime before I even start tatting from here. It is a beautiful book. I love it. I am just wondering if all my thread remnants from my tatting can be used up here. Perhaps, . . . what more I love tatting Josephine rings. Check out her website here.


  1. That does look a lovely book, not seen this one but there are so many books around the world you cant have them all. I hope you enjoy your new book

  2. Hallo, Helma Siepmann hat seit kurzem eine eigene Internetseite
    Ich wünsche viel Freude mit dem Buch.
    Elfriede Gröger

  3. Hi Margaret, I think I will!! I love all the pretty trees in this book.

    Hello Elfriede, Thank you for the new website link.

    Fox, Oh-oh is right.