Friday, 12 August 2011

An Auspicious Green Sculpture

This is a pineapple within a pineapple woven using the lucky bamboo plant. The pineapple is an important lucky symbol for the Chinese. Pineapple pronounciated in Chinese also sounds like 'good luck has arrived'. A plant like this would be placed in the house to usher in the New Year as it symbolizes lots of wealth and luck.


  1. Ah I have this plant in my house as a house plant, but its getting a bit big and I had thought about putting outside, but our weather may not be good for it.
    Its a lovely pinapple done in the bamboo, I wish I could say mine look as good....... no chance its just straight up.
    Thank you for showing us this lovely plant.

  2. Wow - I love this sculpture and what it symbolizes! One would have to be lucky to get that weave :)

  3. I have not seen how the weaving is done but the sculpture is defintely a conversation piece.