Thursday, 4 August 2011

Hanky Edging #5 - WIP

Remember the hankies received from Fox, Diane and Gina? I started this one which is a Mary Konior pattern. I chose it because I thought the pattern had elements which were perfectly suited with the embroidery on the hanky. I hope it turns out right. This is a two-rows edging pattern. Can you guess which hanky?

Funny, this morning I woke up with an index finger that would not bend. Must be too much tatting. Ohh! . . it does bend, ... but it hurts. Ouch!!


  1. Beautiful, lovely edging, its going to look beautiful when finished

  2. That edging looks sweet just the way it is, so I am curious as to how it will looks when totally done. :)

  3. I'm trying to guess the edging! : )

    I hope your finger feels better soon. I'm still recovering from too many hours of tatting over a week ago!

  4. Beautiful!! No finger waving for you!

  5. Hi Margaret and God's Kid,
    The edging is coming along nicely. I thin it is turning out pretty.

    Hi Diane and John, My finger is much better. It is not due to tatting but more likely to something I ate. I have had this condition since young. I did find it difficult to tat especiallu when closing rings.