Sunday, 1 November 2009

Umi Chooses October 2009 Giveaway Winner

Gave Tsuru the day off and asked Umi to work this month. The bottle contains treats for Umi and Tsuru. They know how to put their paws into the bottle to pull out the treats. I put all the names in the bottle, gave it a good stir and asked Umi to pick. The first name she pulled out is . . . . . .

Congratulations to Edna Henry. Do drop me an e-mail with your address and I will send the bookmark off to you. Thank you to all who participated and your comments. Look out for next month's giveaway.


  1. Awww...Look at cute Umi! I am glad to see a picture of Umi, too! Hope Tsuru is enjoying the month off and congrats to your lucky winner!

  2. Hi TattingChic,

    Did you get the feeling that Umi gets less attention than Tsuru. I am afraid it is true.
    It is her character/personality. She cannot sit with me for long and prefers to sit by herself out in the sitting room while the rest of us are in the TV room. I think Tsuru intimidates her.
    I will give Umi an extra hug and treat today.

  3. LOL! I don't mean to sound like I think you are nice to Tsuru and ignore Umi. LOL! Cats have such different personalities! It sounds like Tsuru is has an extroverted character trait and Umi is more introverted. Some cats are just more people oriented and I get that...I think I was just curious what Umi looked like since all I have ever seen is the close up photos of their eyeballs on the sidebar! LOL! They are neat photos, but I love kitties and love to see what they look like. It sounds like you got lucky with Umi being willing to interact with you! Give them both a pet for me!


  4. Hi, I'm so happy that I've won, I just cant belive it.thank you so very much. I must say that Umi is my lucky charm, I love you dear.thank you luv Edna.

  5. Hi TattingChic, I do sometimes ignore Umi. I am guilty of it. Tsuru is just too lovable and enjoys being around us.

    Hi Edna, thanks for your addy. The bookmark is ready to be posted to you. I hope you will enjoy it.

  6. Umi and the jar....great shot!
    Fox : )