Monday 16 November 2009

A quilting question

Does anyone know the name of this quilt pattern? I am trying to find instructions on how to quick piece this together. This patch is more than 10 years old. I have the fabric cut in 2 inch strips with one patch done up. I attended an afternoon quilting workshop but I never finished the piecing and I have no idea how this is done. The truth is I have forgotten and it never occurred to me to write down the instructions when I attended the workshop. What I remember is machine sew the 4 different fabric strips together. I remember piecing one more time before cutting diagonally and piece again. I can't remember the order of doing what first. If anyone can help. I would realy appreciate it.


  1. I think this pattern is called Log Cabin. I did a Quilt in a Day class, & this looks very similar to the Log Cabin pattern we did.

  2. I believe it's called "Lover's Knot."
    It looks like a couple I pieced to give to my sons when they married. I bought a pattern book for the directions but finding my pattern right now in my craft room would not bee possible. The room isn't a legal bedroom (no window) but there has always been one of my sons sleeping in it for the lack of other space. It is just being vacated so I can organize it. My instructions were strip-pieced. Maybe if you check craft and quilting sites and stores, you might find a copy. I'll watch your blog and if you haven't found it before I get my craft room straightened I'll send you more information when I find it.

  3. Thank you so much Katie and Beelizabeth. The night before I was looking at log cabin patterns hoping to find it but no luck. I also searched for ribbon quilt, knot quilt but again nothing. With Beelizabeth's tip: "Lover's knot", I did find the pattern book for sale. I will try to do it myself again and sees what happens. Perhaps decontructing this would help Will let you know how I progress.
    So nice to have questions answered. Thank you again!!