Sunday, 1 March 2009

'Pieces of Friendship' Puzzle Swap

Pieces of Friendship Puzzle Swap is hosted by Pat Winter. She was kind enough to give us the heads up very early. Deadline is 1st June 2009. I have been very slow with this. I printed out the template last year. In January I cut out the shape on paper. A few weekends ago, I put the template on felt and cut that out. I chose felt so that I did not have to worry about binding the edges to prevent fraying. Hopefully this weekend I can do something to it. I have an idea but I wonder if it will work out. I will post the updated piece next week.


  1. A trick I learnt recently when I read up on Dorset Feather Stitchery, is to run a line of backstitch or double running stitch (using a thread the same colour as the felt) just inside the edge of the felt border. I don't know what you plan for your puzzle pieces, but felt can distort when you work it and the line can help the felt keep its place.

    By the way, do you want to swap a piece with me? If so, then I will ask Pat for one of yours when I send mine in.

  2. Using felt is a great idea. Finishing the edges of these looks like it might be very tedious.

  3. Thank you Annie and Melusine for your comments and advice. I appreciate it. Melusine, I would love to swap with you.

  4. Well, you are faster than me! I drew the outline on fabric but have not cut it out or even started to embellish it yet! I keep saying I'm letting the ideas incubate. LOL!

  5. What a great idea to use felt as the base. Your one step ahead of me. I know I had better begin. June 1 will be here fast!.

  6. Hi Terisa,
    I am sorry to say that the felt still looks like this photo. Unsewn. Have not got around to it.
    How is your progress. I will visit your blog soon. Just had a peek. Oh wow what wonderful bags. I must take my time at your other blogs too.