Saturday, 31 January 2009

January 2009 Giveaway

Where has the month gone? Wasn't it just New Year's Day? Anyway, before January 2009 ends, I thought I should do this. In this month's giveaway, I am offering you a choice of four beads with tatting from the above photo. You can choose which four you want. The larger ones on the right are white plastic beads (20mm) with tatting and on the left side are smaller faceted faux crystal (15mm) with tatting. All you have to do is tell me how you intend to use it, if you won. Leave a comment by 7 February 2009 and I will pick a winner on 8 February 2009. Do check back to see if you have won. Good Luck!! I made a necklace with these beads here.


  1. After I figured out how you did it...

    then I would make earrings!

  2. Ooooohhhhh ooooohhhhh ooooohhhh!!!
    I know, i know. . . BUTTONS!!! Beautiful, beautiful buttons!
    I will use my choices as buttons on a lovely echarpe. I knew the Berroco Suede in a lovely ice blue would make a sweet tatted neckpiece. And now I am certain that four of your buttons are the special touch that will provide the extra "zing" to this creation!
    The larger ones will be a better choice to stand out; 1&2- the two dark blue on the right, with 3- the nectarine/peach to the lower right of the dark red, and 4- the dark rose/pink to the left of the dark blues.
    With the addition of your baubles, that echarpe will scream upscale boutique instead of just plain tatted scarf!!!
    This is so exciting. Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter your lovely giveaway.
    Hope I win ! ! !

  3. Hello Wendy, YOUR tatting beads are beautiful and I would use the smaller beads and add them to a seam on a crazy quilt. Thanks for the chance to win your lovely tatted creations. Hugs judy

  4. I like these too and also want to know how you did it! How do you hide the ends on something this small or do you just use a dab of glue? That seems easiest but might leave a hard pointy bit in your jewelry. (giggle) Inspiring minds want to know!

  5. Oh, I didn't say how I would use them...I would use the small ones in a tassle, I think, maybe on a bookmark tassle.

  6. Depending on the size of the hole on the beads, I may wear them as pendant on a chain if the ends of my chain can go through them. I'm also planning to sew up another dorset bag, the beads may be used for the ends of the string of a draw-string bag.

  7. oh i have just chanced upon this... hope i'm not too late. so colourful! i'll make beaded tassle earrings with these exquisite tatted beads. hope i'm lucky.

  8. Your tatted beads are so cool!! So many choices of things to make with the tatted beads. Make a sissor fob or zipper pull, a necklace and earrings, a tatted dangly thing for my keys, the center to a suncatcher. Do I have to pick just one choice? Thanks for the chance to win the give away! Happy Tatting!

  9. Oh goodness, I just made this by the skin of my teeth! These are very cool!

  10. I am too lazy to hide ends. I just make a knot and dab Fray Check. You all have great ideas for using these beads. Thanks so much for taking part in the giveaway. Congrats to Valerie!

  11. I know I'm to late for the drawing, but I just had to comment on on much I love these beads.