Thursday, 1 January 2009

Christmas at home

Most people I know have asked me not to put their photos on the blog. So you see, there are no photos of people I know. Well, except for one or two. I would love to show you what I did for Christmas but it’s unlikely these photos would feature people. So here are my sister’s family cats and dogs.

Mei Mei

Mocca Latte

The food we made and ate: Homemade curry puffs. I grew up making these, diced sweet potato, onions, prawns and curry powder wrapped within a dough which is then deep fried.

Chinese Lobak – Marinated pork wrapped in soy sheets and deep fried.

The balloon Christmas tree, giant snowflake and characters in the mall which I thought was creative and unusual.

The dessert we had on a hot afternoon called ice kachang / ABC (air batu campur). This is my mom’s favourite dessert. It is made with shaved ice, colourful sugar syrup, boiled sweet red beans, crunchy groundnuts, creamy sweet corn, palm fruit, evaporated milk and more.

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