Saturday, 13 December 2008

Food and restaurant décor in Shanghai

Like a tourist, I spent my time taking photos of the food we ate and the beautiful décor.

Pasta at the Italian restaurant by a Japanese chef. This restaurant was set in an old stone and wood building and all the furniture and table lamps inside look like they were collected from flea markets. Very good ambience.

Beautiful setting for teppanyaki and an even more beautiful ladies powder room.

Shanghainese food: Stir fried young peas and yellow bean soup.

Shanghainese food: Fatty pork in sweet black sauce.

Shanghainese food: Deep fried fish marinated in black sauce.

Shanghainese food: Seven Treasures: Nian gao (sweet cake), water chestnut, prawns, bamboo shoots, mushroom, pine nuts and pork.

Table at Paul’s where we had the warm open sandwiches, coffee and éclairs.

Hyatt on the Bund Vue Restaurant: The assigned chef cooks our food near our table. Food was not that great but the view was. I suggest you have drinks at the Vue bar, book the day beds and Jacuzzi and of course feast your eyes on the fantastic view. I loved how they did the décor of the restaurant and bar, collections of wine, glass sculptures, plates, jugs, smoking pipes, vintage cameras etc. Please excuse the bad photography.

Along the streets people enjoyed baked sweet potatoes and steamed corn. It looked delicious as a hot snack but we did not have a chance to try because we were always on our way from after a meal or to a meal.

If you are shopping in one the huge modern shopping centers, please try this chain of eateries called Chamate. It serves individual steam boat (a Chinese cuisine where everyone dips uncooked food into a communal pot or soup and eaten with different sauces, similar to Japanese nabe), local set meals and this fantastic fruit tea that we had. The fruit tea is a must and most delicious.


  1. Hi Sherry,
    Since it's cold, it was an excuse to keep our tummies full. Oh, how you warm up after a meal. I miss Shanghai and its cold weather already!