Monday 15 December 2008

Transporting long bamboos

I took this photograph because it reminded me of the DHL advert. They do a lot of transporting this way. Not only do they carry bamboos for scaffolding, they carry boxes of goods and furniture along the streets of Shanghai.

Driving in Shanghai is not for the faint hearted and traffic seems to go everywhere. Cars do not stop at zebra crossings or pedestrian crossings at the traffic lights.

We were having lunch at a restaurant called Simply Thai at Xintiandi. Xintiandi is a modern shopping area converted from old Chinese architecture. The first Communist Congress meeting was held here. By the way, if you are craving for something hot and spicy, the tom yum soup here is good. So is the lemon grass chicken, fried rice with seafood, ginger tea and a dessert with deep fried bananas wrapped in wonton skin and eaten with ice cream. Hmmmm yummy!!

While walking towards Xintiandi one night, we heard this lady singing in French and wondered which live stage the performance was at. It turned out to be a CD vendor on a motorbike, blasting the music on this old custom-assembled speaker. The sound system was just amazing. I had to stop and buy one cd, okay I bought 2.

Check out the Christmas tree outside Simply Life where I got some cute magnets of local Chinese paintings. They also had these beautiful bone china ceramics by a Beijing-based artist. Lots of beautiful stuff there.


  1. Your trip sound just awesome...and now I want to go back again!

  2. This is the first and only city we visited in China, so I can't say much about the rest of China. Would love to see Beijing, the country side and the pandas also. We must go back. Did you have a great time in China too, Sherry?

  3. Yes I did have a great time in China. I would like to go back one more time before we move from Korea...but I don't think that will happen!