Tuesday 23 December 2008

A maze of small shops

An afternoon wandering a maze of old houses converted into little shops. Lots of small cafes, art galleries, jewelry shops, and other knick knacks.

Here I bought this snake necklace which you could wind and create your own design. Ruz and I had a great time trying out the many ways of wearing this snake necklace.

We also had a fun time photographing Fluffy, a white cat who had one eye blue and the other yellow. She was just adorable. Fluffy and her human companion was most accommodating.

We found a small market nearby. Look at the photo and see whether you can tell why I took this. You may need to enlarge it and look at the details.
There was this cat on a leash next to her owner among her table of goods for sale. It is a wonder the cat did not eat up all that uncooked food. Hmmm, are you also wondering where the food safety officers were.

1 comment:

  1. Your snake necklace looks like alot of fun. Fluffy does look to be an adorable cate. Actually her eyes are very pretty.

    I'm enjoying following your travels.

    Merry Christmas