Monday 3 September 2018

Pandora Bracelet of the Week 8

This is the limited edition Mother's Day 2018 Pandora Moments Silver Padlock Bangle Flourishing Hearts. I love this bangle, especially the lovely padlock clasp. I just got it in July 2018. As with all new clasps, you need to practise putting it on and taking it off. I just love how pretty it is. I find it easier than the heart clasp and the cubic zirconia signature clasp.

Here I paired it with the Pre-Autumn 2018 Spinning Hearts of Pandora charm. The two inner rings are moveable. A little difficult to manoeuvre, worn on the wrist but if you wear it as a necklace, you can spin away your anxieties. 

In this collection, I also purchased the Pandora Rose Crown O and the Spinning Pandora Signature Dangle. Hope to show how I wear it soon.


  1. That is a beautiful clasp, I dont think I've seen one like that!

  2. That’s a gorgeous bracelet, not seen the heart clasp, or the spinning charm, I must look out for that one,