Friday 21 September 2018

At the National Museum of Singapore

These were 2 exhibits from the Signature Art Prize 2018 Asia Pacific Breweries Foundation. Top is a paper collage on Buddhist monk robes "Untitled ( Hua Lamphong)" by Thasnai Sethaseree from Thailand.

Below that is "The Infinite Episode" by Jitish Kallat, dental plaster sculptures of 20 sleeping animals from the different continents. The artist describes this as an animalian utopia.

Lunch at the Food for Thought cafe in the museum: Hawaiian Portobello Burger and Satay Beef Rice Bowl.

Wrought iron spiral staircase restored and relocated. It was once the only entry point to the roof of the building, supposedly haunted.

This is the swinging chandelier "Wings of a rich manouevre" by Suzann Victor. Read more about it here. Visit in the evening to see the lighting effect.


  1. Thanks Wendy for these insights of the museum

  2. the spiral staircase has always been fascinating. All are great picture!