Thursday, 26 January 2017

Tsuru's Vet Visits

A few days before Christmas, Tsuru had to visit the vet twice. She was passing blood in her urine. She had 2 blood tests, a urinalysis, an X-ray and blood pressure taken. After starting her on a course of antibiotics, 3 doses of anti-inflammatory and 5 days of Cystaid, she was better but not before she fought and scratched each time she had to take her medicine.

She is still picky with her food and only ate when it was topped with her treats. I have to get more canned food for senior cats. She is liking a particular Japanese brand called Miaw Miaw but it has to be topped with a Ciao liquid treat.


  1. So glad she's better, they can get quite fussy in old age, sending her a cuddle

  2. Oh! Poor Tsuru! I'm so glad she's doing better.

    Lucy and Theo send their best. Purrr...

  3. Kisses to the brave Miss Tsuru! Hope she is eating and doing well.
    Love from Fox and MrG.💕

  4. Our very grumpy British shorthair cat would take pills with absolutely no trouble - as long as I buried them in a lump of liverwurst. Try that, she might be fooled into accepting her medicine! Poor Tsuru, I hope she gets better soon.