Wednesday 25 January 2017

Rose Mallow WIP (HMK 2)

This is only round 1. 
Already there is a mistake. 
The rings in between should have been Josephine rings.
Tatting this year is frustrating.
Perhaps I should leave it for now and continue later, . . . . . . like next month!


  1. It's a design element that you did! It's a very pretty rose mallow!

  2. Well I like it JK rings or not, I thought it looked very pretty and who woukd have known if you had not said. Great motif.

  3. It is very pretty even with regular rings instead of Josephine rings. It looks difficult - those picots would require accurate measuring to make them so wonderfully even. Your tatting looks lovely, with or without mistakes.

  4. These patterns certainly are unusual and seem geared for skilled tatters like yourself! I certainly enjoy seeing them. The fact that you even tackle them is impressive to me! You shouldn't worry about your 'mistakes'! The regular rings look fine to me!