Tuesday 24 May 2016

Tatted Jade Lariat

Thank you for your great comments in the preview post.
I did start this chain thinking it would make a great eyeglass holder.

It was so pretty and I had all those beads already strung so I decided to tat them all.

I was glad I did and it morphed into a lariat which can be worn several ways.

Tatted in a size 30 HDT from Marilee Rockley called Forest.
Besides the jade bamboo beads, I added Swarovski round crystals, Delica beads, and the lariat ends with two carved jade charms.


  1. This is gorgeous as a lanyard! And several ways to wear it! I believe this is your own design, using techniques for tatting around beads. It certainly shows the versatility of tatting!

    I'm trying to keep up with all your posts. Thanks again for the trips around town, and the 'unusual' (to me) food!

    Am I correct that you are starting the Jan Stawasz Monster doily? At first I didn't realize it, but studied it and compared it with the finished piece. Again, that would be too much work for me! But you will probably have it finished in no time! It's a fabulous design! I noticed on a Pinterest site that someone (don't know who) turned it into a parasol!


  2. Something wonderful about you jade and tatting, love the green!

  3. Gorgeous! I've never had a lariat, but I do have plenty of beads and thread, so maybe I'll try something similar. Thanks for the idea!