Friday 8 April 2016


This peacock looks strange. I sometimes test AAA by asking him what animal he thought it was. His answer this time was a snail with long legs. Oh dear!!

I am not pleased. Picots were too small in the tail feathers. Body of the bird was out of shape.


  1. That is funny, I can see the snail with legs too :) more long feathers will make it look much better :)

  2. I think addition of a few more tail plumes, with similar picots, will do the trick and make it look plush. :-)

  3. I am sorry Wendy I am laughing, I thought it was a flamingo at first until I read peacock, I think flamingo is more apt.
    If you did it in pink it would be a flamingo,
    I'm still in bed with flu at least you cheered me up,
    Love to Tsuru

  4. I have to admit this is a little abstract! And tricky to do all those picots! But I did think it was a peacock! It might win a prize in a Modern Art photo contest! LOL!

  5. Oh, how frustrating. It will come out better with the next tatting.