Friday 1 April 2016

Appalachian Festival Hedgehogs

This pattern by Ruth Perry was recommended by Muskaan. Thank you both.

It was fast to complete and tatting the centre rings was interesting. Ruth's hedgehog was named Rainbeau as it was done in a rainbow colour threads. These two were tatted in blue Daruma Lace Size 30 and dark peach Flora Size 20 threads.


  1. Pretty cute! Their faces remind me of Snoopy.

  2. What luck -- found my Kitty Face this morning while rummaging for some teeny-weenies -- had completely forgotten about it. I blogged about it here -
    I notice that she has uploaded the Lion Face too :
    Hope you had a great ITD 2016 :-)

  3. You are getting quite a zoo of animals, another two great tatted animals to add to your pile